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Skincare is all about consistency. One must be willing to put in the work in order to see result with the skin. Getting a good skin is no Childs play. Some people are born with nice skin while others have to work to get their their desired skin.

Knuckle set is suitable for all skin type and it comprises of knuckle scrub, cleanser and knuckle cream. Since, It is a treatment it is not meant to be used for a long period of time.

Knuckle scrub – This is applied two times daily, apply on a damp skin and scrub the affected area but do not over scrub, so as not to hurt your skin. This sheds off dead skin cells on the affected area thereby opening all the clogged pores which allows the product take effect on the skin.

Knuckle Cleanser – This is applied after exfoliating the dark areas. Apply only on the affected area with cotton wool. Make sure to cover up the in between of the hands so as not to be leave the area more lighter than the other part of the hands. The Knuckle cleanser is to be applied two times a day consecutively for three to five days after that stop its usage. Since the cleanser contains peeling agents like lactic acid, glycolic acid and peeling agent leaves the skin dry. So, it is meant to be moisturized properly.

Knuckle Cream – The moisturizer is applied five times a day to help keep the area moist and greasy so, the peel can shed off smoothly without getting stuck on the skin. Once the dark areas are looking better than usual its best to stop its usage and switch over to le micky skin body oil which will help in maintaining the dark areas that are being treated.

Note: Excess peeling causes adverse effect; it can damage the skin abrasion so, less usage of the peeling agent (knuckle cleanser).

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